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Around Seven Commandments

Love your pixels. I construct, reconstruct, replace and adjust the pixels till they have reached perfection and have found their purpose in life.

Sharing is caring. I share my knowledge. Not only with customers but also with my fellow (future) UX-peers.

Cut the crap. No information nobody is going to read anyway, but great content and a website that just works. Or a flyer that somebody will actually read.

Talk human. I don’t like pomposity (or people who use the word pomposity. So my explanations are in just plain simple Dutch (or English!).

Know your strength. If I’m not able to make something, I will tell you up front. Most of the time I can refer you to someone who can make what I can’t (yet).

Usability above design. Beautiful websites that just don’t work are completely useless. I make it work. Ánd look great.

Be Around. I’m not a one-project-stand of a guy, I enjoy lasting relationships. If you need me, I like to be there for you.

This is what I do

I design online solutions. Internet- and advertising companies hire me, but I love to work for start-ups as well. I have worked on making (WordPress) websites, posters, UX (User Experience) advice- and design, apps, graphic design, online software, designing logo’s or complete branding. A lot of different stuff!

For who

For more than a decade I have been doing what I do. I have worked for a lot of different companies, museums, recruiters, small start-ups and big names like Ahold or VPRO (Dutch television). I love to get to know new fields and have established some amazing work-relationships. And I think there is room for more! Contact me.


A lot of people know how to make a nice image. I excel in my love of conversion: how do you reach your goals? How do you make your content work for you and what doesn’t work at all? I have studied these subjects and now know how to make my design work. For real.

Working on ...


Let’s meet!

Do you have a project you would like to talk about? Awesome! Please send me an email, of a tweet and we’ll be in touch.

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